Teacher Workshops


Lisa Jastram is an experienced, exciting, interactive presenter of workshops for early childhood and early elementary music. She has performed on the stage as the featured opening musical artists for many conferences and conventions including TMEA (Texas Music Educator’s Association) and KTOT (State Convention of Kindergarten Teachers of Texas). She has been presenting workshops and performing since 1992 with Oasis for Children, an educational entertainment group which she co-founded. Oasis for Children has been on the roster of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster since 1997 and were invited to be on the Mid America Arts Alliance Roster in 2001. Lisa is a member of the NAEYC.

Lisa grew up in Japan as the daughter of a missionary and is bilingual in Japanese and English. She received her B.A. in music education at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN in 1978 and returned to Japan to teach kindergarten at Yokohama International School. She married and joined her husband in Scotland for a brief stay after which they were transferred to Houston where she has lived since. Lisa taught elementary music in the Alief Schools for three years and then gave up teaching to stay at home with her two sons. She started up teaching again at the Pre School where her sons were attending and found a need for simple, basic children’s songs for the youngest children. Since that time, she has recorded and produced 5 albums of children’s music including both original and traditional music and presents over 200 programs a year.

Lisa’s spotlight performances for stage include “Movin and Groovin” (general children’s music), “Hats On and Away We Go” (multi-cultural music for children), and “Cowboys, Critters and Such” (cowboy music). Her performances are highly interactive and get the participants up and moving on most songs. Lisa’s workshops cover music for children from toddlers to early elementary age. Again, the sessions are highly interactive and very practical.

Fees for spotlight performances and workshops vary according to venue. Please call for specifics.

The following is a list of some of the early childhood presentations of Lisa Jastram:

ELEA (Lutheran- Early Childhood)
1/08/92 Evening Music workshop
1/10/97 Evening Banquet Musical Performance

HAAEYC (Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children )
3/2/96: Workshop
9/28/96: Workshop
3/8/97 Headline Spring Convention 9/13/97: workshop

KTOT (Kindergarten Teachers of Texas)
6/27/96 Local Convention Headline Music
9/26/97 State Convention Stage Presentation Music

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Early Childhood Conference
8/04/94 Conference Finale keynote presentation
8/08/98 Workshop
8/05/99 Workshop
8/02/01 Workshop
7/30/02 and 7/31/02 Workshop

TAEYC (Texas Association for the Education of Young Children)
10/10/97 Houston- workshop
9/21/01 Galveston- workshop

Winwood Presbyterian Childhood Conference
7/29/99 Headline musical presentation (Cowboys)
7/25/01 Headline musical presentation (Multi-Cultural)

Harris County Early Childhood Conference
1/25/97 Workshops
1/31/98 Workshops
1/30/99 Workshops
1/29/00 Workshops

TMEA (Texas Music Educator Association)
2/12/98 Showcase
2/04/99 Workshop
2/11/00 Workshop

Cameron Works Childcare Convention
9/29/02 Padre Island Workshop

Wee Care Conference Woodlands United Methodist
8/21/02 Musical Headline Presentation

Early Childhood Methodist Conference Jan, 2003
Rio Grande Valley Childcare Conference November 2002
Winwood Presbyterian Conference July, 2003