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Cooperation Rules CD

Cooperation Rules helps to teach children the value of conflict resolution through cooperation. This CD has songs and stories from the program which was presented in 1996-2005 to elementary schools throughout Texas.

1. Cooperation: "I help you. You help me. That's the way that it should be". In Spanish as well!

2. It's OK to be Sad: and it's OK to be mad! But we have to find a safe way to let it out.

3. When You're Feeling Mad: shake the anger out of your body!! shake it baby!

4. The Barnyard Story: How the barnyard animals who are tradionally enemies come together to stay safe and warm on a cold winter's night.

5.The Turnip Song: A fun add on song that can be acted out based on the famous Turnip Story.

6. Shelala and Munbaba: A wonderful rhyming fairy tale about two rival kingdoms and the resolution through cooperation.

7.Los Amigos Del Esablo- The barnyard Story in Spanish

8. Cooperation soundtrack for performance

9. It's OK to be Sad soundtrack for performance

10.When You're Feeling Mad: soundtrack for performance

11. The Turnip Song:soundtrack for performance



children's cowboy CD


"Cowboys, Critters, and Such" is a collection of Texas and cowboy songs written by Lisa Jastram plus a few familiar old cowboy songs, all appropriate for children.

1. If You Want to be a Cowboy" describes all of the necessary cowboy gear such as chaps, spurs, bandana, and hat and ends each verse with an exhuberent "HEE-HAW!"

2. I Love to Ride My Horse has fun physical actions of the cowboy & his horse.

3. My New Lasso: a simple song for the wee ones to swing, let go and catch with the lasso.

4. The Branding Song: with 5 five actions & signs, a great interactive song

5. Long Live the Longhorn: A ballad chronicling the history of the Texas longhorn

6.Yo soy Vaquero: Learn some basic Spanish words in reference to the cowboy.

7. Cielito Lindo: Old Spanish love song with familiar refrain "Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!!"

8. It's Round Up Time: Ballad of life on the ranch and trail at round up time.

9. Old Texas: