Lisa Jastram's Critter Photo Page

I love discovering nature in my own backyard. I have a camera ready to take pictures near my birdfeeders. Every morning, I walk about the yard to see what treasures might be out there. I can hardly believe some of the wonderful things I've seen. We live in a big city but there is a refuge right outside my door!

These are house finches.

I love their bright red heads!

I believe this is a Io moth Caterpillar.

I'm glad I didn't touch it.

It is apparently poisonous!

Painted Bunting
My one and only sighting of
the beautiful painted bunting.


Gold Finch

We usually have 10 to 12 golden finches in the spring. I have to refill the bird-feeder every other day.

female cardinalcardinal malegrosbeckgrosbeck
From left to right: Female Cardinal, Male Cardinal, Male Grosbeck, Female Grosbeck. Why are the males so much brighter and prettier??