Twiggles, Wiggles, and Giggles

( Solo performance- Lisa Jastram )


With an emphasis on reading, movement, rhyming, numbers and body awareness, this program is perfect for PreK, K, 1st grade. The program will include songs such as Twiggle, Movin and Groovin which all have the children up and moving. Characters to be included in the show include the Bird in the Hat (Not the Cat in the Hat! Now fancy that!), chef Boyardee (who cooks green eggs and ham!), and a smart alecky, Spanish-speaking rabbit named Taco who helps to retell the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare". The program is designed to inspire kids to read Dr. Suess and other children’s authors.



Listen to sound clip.

Oasis for children: Twiggles wiggles and giggles

Twiggles Wiggles and Giggles
Twiggles Wiggles and Giggles: Bird Hat
Twiggles Wiggles and Giggles: Chef



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