Texas Cowboy Hoedown

(2 person Lisa Jastram and Mick Corley)

“Texas Cowboy Hoedown”, presented by Lisa Jastram and Mick Corley of Oasis for children, is a delightful program that brings the cowboy experience alive through song, dance, puppetry, costume and authentic props. The program starts with the old fashioned cowboy from the 1800s. Lisa will dressed in the style of a frontierswoman . Together they talk and sing about life out on the trail, the origin of the cowboy, and the job of the cowboy including roping and branding. The second half of the program shifts to the year 2008. Lisa appears in a modern flashy cowgirl outfit and the theme shifts to the rodeo. The younger students will meet puppets from the rodeo. The older students hear some original songs written just for them. All in all, "Texas Cowboy Hoedown" is the liveliest, most age-appropriate cowboy show in town!! Lisa has written many of the songs in this show which is available on CD.

Oasis for Children: Texas Cowboy Hoedown

Suggested Ages: pre-school through 5th grade


cowboy bull puppet  


Lisa and Mick,      Thanks for a great performance. Your hoedown show covered so many of the things I want my children to know about Texas, in such an authentic presentation. You do a great job of letting the students interact thus their behavior was exceptional. I loved watching the smiles on their faces. Our Bilingual kids were fully engaged as well. Thanks for the acknowledgment of their 1st language. You're doing a great job!
Laurie Hopmann  ESL Pre-K  Black Elementary

branding cowboy   rattlensnake cowboy


The students will learn about Texas animals: armadillo, rattlesnake, longhorn cattle. The students will learn about the cowboy's jobs out on the trail: lassooing, branding, protecting the cattle, riding a horse and more.

The students will have fun at the rodeo with livestock animals, a meal of hot chili (1st grade and up), and a hoedown dancealong.

armadillo cowboy hot chili cowboy longhorn pic




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