A fabulous origami display may be available for your library. Lisa created it to be child-friendly and amazing for adults. Please contact Lisa if you are interested in displaying it at your library. A lighted and locked case is required. Lisa will also be available for a limited number of origami workshops for tweens, teens, and adults.


Lisa Jastram origami Japanese origami

Lisa and her mom fold together ..................................traditional Japanese origami figures


Highland elementary origami Highland elementary origami

Lisa's origami was displayed in the front case and the case by the cafeteria at Highlands Elementary so the students could enjoy the display both going and coming from lunch

Missouri City library origami Missouri City Library origami

The Missouri City Library display filled two cabinets and was enjoyed by all.

origami fireworkskusudama

New additions include the fabulous "Fireworks" and several kusudama. Kusudama used to be hung by the beds of sick persons and were said to have healing powers.

Above is the origami exhibit now on display at the South Regional Library in The Woodlands, TX. It is set in a beautiful display case right at the entrance where everybody is enjoying it as they walk in. The exhibit will remain on display throughout the month of January, 2008.

The photo on the left is of the origami exhibit at the First Colony Library in October of 2007.




This is a figure known as Valerie's Magic Cube. You start with 6 pieces of paper, fold and combine them into a cube. Then you twist the leaves out and then twist the bud into a rose. It's really cool!!