Stories Come Alive in the Garden of Books
( Solo performance- Lisa Jastram )


Recommended for preschool through 3rd grade

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare is retold by Lisa and her bilingual rabbit Taco. It is the old story of the race between la tortuga and el conejo with a new twist: How the Rabbit Got His Long Ears. The children participate by repeating "lento, lento" or "rapido, rapido" as they fall in love with el conejo muy loco!!




This Joseph Had a Little Overcoat and Lisa wanted one as well so she sewed up one of her own. This colorful overcoat comes apart piece by piece til only a button remains, and then, nothing. But you can always make something out of nothing and Lisa wrote a song to go with the story and invites the children to sing along and clap to a Mid Eastern beat.



The culture of China is highlighted in the re-telling of Tikki Tikki Tembo. By the end of the story, most of the children will be able to say the name "Tikkitikki tembo nosarembo pari barroucho pippiripembo".

The story is followed up with a modified dragon dance with four children helping out to the sounds of Chinese dragon music. The dragon weaves its way into the audience coming face to face with the children.


The story of the Giant Turnip is told by inviting some of the children to come on stage and help pull the turnip til finally baby joins in and the turnip comes out. The story is re-enacted through an original song which the children learn very quickly and sing alonf. They also help the effort by loudly proclaiming "Heave-ho, heave-ho" as each family member adds to the effort. In the end, they all fall down and the turnip pops right out!


wee house

The Russian folk tale of "The Wee Little House" is re-enacted using a samll house-like enclosure. The children have animal masks and are brought into the house one by one. As each animal enters, the audience makes their animal sound til the house if full. A delightful original song keeps the story moving and the audience involved til the very end when all animals are sent out and the wee little house now feels like a mansion!!




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