In the Ocean, In the Sea
( Solo performance- Lisa Jastram
In the Ocean In the Sea: Octopus

In this program, Lisa takes the students on a underwater tour of ocean creatures. Using a “virtual aquarium” with black light and strobe light, an illusion is created of sea creatures swimming on their own and glowing in the depth of the sea. Several original movement songs are interspersed throughout the program as well as audience participation in story-telling and singing. The students will meet and learn about Mollusks (octopus and squid), Crustaceans (shrimp and crab), Jellyfish, Electric Eels, and Marko the Joke-Telling Shark. The students learn about the importance of sharing through the telling of the story “Treasure Fish” featuring Niko the clownfish. Note: The room must be darkened to get the full effect of this program.


Suggested Ages: Preschool through 4th grade





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