Hats On & Away We Go

( Solo performance- Lisa Jastram )


“Hats On and Away We Go” is a fun-filled multi-cultural musical program presented by Lisa Jastram, of Oasis for Children. In this program, Lisa takes her audience on a world-wide tour of at least 7 countries, more if time permits. The audience will join her in singing songs is eight different languages and learn something "interesting" or different about each country. Countries visited include Mexico, China, Japan, France , Belgium, Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, and finally home to Texas (again, depending on time). Lisa brings with her many international experiences having been raised in Japan as a missionary’s daughter. For the younger students, Lisa brings out several of her friends (puppets) including , Leo the Lion (from Nigeria), Nacho the Mouse (from Mexico) and Gigi the Aloutte (from France). Lisa uses her talents of ventriloquism, singing, story-telling and musical composition to bring the world into a new perspective. The national flag and at least one hat are shown to the children from each country.

Oasis for children: hats on and away we go


Suggested Age: Pre-School through 5th grade




Hats On and Away We Go: Kwanza




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