Get a Clue with Origami
( Solo performance- Lisa Jastram )


This program highlights the increasingly popular art form of origami. Lisa is an accomplished origami artist having learned as a child living in Japan and taken it to the new computer-generated limits in her adulthood.Lisa has presented numerous origami exhibits throughout the Houston metropolitan area and decided to take the next step and incorporate origami into a child friendly program. The program came to fruition with the immense popularity of the "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda" and subsequent books by Tom Angleberger. Origami creations are the clue in this program and various popular books are the answer.


Suggested Ages:PreK through5th grade


This program features many popular books retold in unique ways by Lisa. From Ghana, Lisa dresses up as a griot and tells a old folk tale about Anansi the spider using a very intricate origami spider. From Japan, Lisa retells the true story of "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes", folding a crane as she talks and revealing one thousand paper cranes at the end of the story. Alternative story will be told for younger audiences.
thousand cranes
wee little house
From Russia,(for younger students) the story of the Wee Little House, is presented in origami form and then acted out by the students with masks, an actual wee little house and an original song which invites audience participation. From the Future, an orangutan who thinks he's Chewbacca and other assorted Star Wars origami action figures.
yoda chewbacca
Extremely Large Origami!!


elephant origami


From India: A large origami elephant is the focal interest of seven blind mice in this story told with origami figures. Even the oldest students will be astounded by the elephant figure




"NOT" written, folded and

realized into song

by Lisa Jastram


ugly duckling

Lisa retells the story of the Ugly Duckling using an original origami book that she designed and created.

The story is told through a jazz style song which invites audience participation. Even fifth graders are caught up in the humor and rhythm of the tale retold and intrigued by the hand-folded artwork.

magic bunny
One rabbit will multiply into two rabbits in a little bit of Origami Magic. Lisa will show and talk about some of the more complex origami foldings she has created while teaching the basic concepts of origami (mostly to the older students.)


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